From easy orders to certificates of analysis: use the CGM LABNEXUS web portal
for greater connectivity with growers and dispensaries

CGM LABNEXUS® from CompuGroup Medical offers laboratories a web portal for entering orders in the field and sharing results with growers and dispensaries.

CGM LABNEXUS is an easy-to-use, cloud-based system that streamlines the order and results delivery process with rapid information exchange. CGM LABNEXUS interfaces seamlessly with the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information management system (LIMS).


Benefits include:

  • Faster order entry
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced transcription errors
  • Secure, cloud-based technology
  • Dependable results
  • Certificates of analysis

Use CGM LABNEXUS to assist in tracking samples from seed to sale. CGM LABNEXUS is the perfect solution for laboratories to implement a faster ordering process and provide reliable results to growers and dispensaries.

cgm labnexus
cgm labnexus