CGM uses dedicated, in-house teams to
support and implement its laboratory information management system

From day one, your partnership with CompuGroup Medical (CGM) will include support in identifying the needs of your unique laboratory and assistance is customizing CGM LABDAQ® to meet those needs.

The implementation team at CGM will provide training for key users. You’ll become familiar with CGM LABDAQ, its features, and how to configure it for your facility.

Through site visits, remote training, and weekly check-ins, laboratory managers and other key users will be confident and ready to go before the software goes live.

Support continues even after installation. The dedicated, in-house technical support team at CompuGroup Medical focuses on first-call resolutions to your issues.

The technical support team at CGM features team members with backgrounds in computer and network engineering and customer service with relevant IT certifications. CGM clients will rely on skilled technicians trained to provide fast and thorough resolutions.

CGM LABDAQ User Kingsville, TX

“Thank you so much for all your assistance. I feel more knowledgeable and ready for any questions that may arise.”

Hot Springs, AR

“[Our Support Engineer] was polite, knowledgeable and reliable every step of the way. I look forward to future dealings and support calls with CGM. Thank you for providing great customer service.”

CGM LABDAQ User Brooklyn, NY

“I would like to thank the CGM LABDAQ team for doing a good job by helping our lab. I hope that we will work together for many years to come.”