Cannabis testing labs enjoy improvements to CGM LABDAQ LIMS software

Streamlining workflow with simpler formulas, Metrc interfaces, and more

OWINGS MILLS, MDCompuGroup Medical today announces new features and enhancements to its cannabis-testing laboratory software, CGM LABDAQ.

CGM LABDAQ is an advanced laboratory information management system (LIMS) that streamlines laboratory workflow and connects cannabis-testing labs to analyzers, dispensaries, growers, regulatory bodies like Metrc, and more.

Now in version 19.11, CGM LABDAQ has been updated with ease-of-use and enhanced functionality in mind. “The changes we’ve implemented come in response to our clients’ specific needs,” said General Manager Carl Smith, lab division, CompuGroup Medical US. “We developed solutions for these clients, and now we can roll out the improvements so that every laboratory can benefit.”

A simplified test-setup process allows users to set a default value for user-defined fields.

“Some states require laboratories to identify things like ‘servings per container’ and ‘serving size,'” Smith said. “This is fine when testing edibles, but it would mean creating new formulas for similar tests on flowers where that distinction does not apply. By setting a default value for this user-defined field, CGM LABDAQ can now use the same formula for both tests, even though users don’t specify a ‘serving size’ value for every sample.”

For laboratories that connect to the Metrc regulatory compliance system, CGM LABDAQ version 19.11 offers an easy way to send results and user credentials to Metrc so that every sample is properly tracked to document chain of custody.

Other enhancements increase the ability to customize the software and provide quicker access to data for reporting and analysis.


Developed by CompuGroup Medical (CGM), CGM LABDAQ® is a leading laboratory information management system that drives the culture of connectivity in the cannabis community. CGM software manages cannabis testing laboratory data via instrument analyzer integration, support of multi-step testing protocols, chain of custody, quality control, data review, and inventory management. CGM brings years of experience in connecting disparate systems to the cannabis market. CGM LABDAQ integrates with many seed-to-sale and cannabis management systems including Confident Cannabis and regulatory systems.

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